Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Room 1408 please......

I have been reading Stephen King novels ever since I was in high school, I started with Carrie, and I was hooked! We've even got my 15 year old neice reading some of his stuff, she is so into the horror flicks and the dark macabre stuff. I love all of his work, and while not a huge fan of most of these run of the mill scary movies...i watch all the ones that were once a Stephen King novel. They are just too good to pass up, the freakier the better! Now they're coming out with 1408 Movie, starring John Cusak, one of my personal favorites (again, dating myself as he goes back to some of my favorite 80's movies) and Samual L Jackson...this is going to be a good flick! I saw the previews last weekend at the theatre, check this out:

Awesome! This was actually a novella in Everythings Eventual: 14 Dark Tales, about a haunted hotel 1408 please....NOT! It's a story about a writer of haunted tour guides encounters the real thing! Good stuff, classic Stephen King, and 1408 Movie should be great on the big screen! It will be interesting to see John Cusak play this type of role, I'm so used to seeing him as the geek, the funny guy, or the boyfriend type..I hope he lives up to my expectations! We know Samual L Jackson can work well in this kind of flick. So, June 22 I'll be going back to the theatre for more summer movie madness to see this!


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