Monday, June 04, 2007

Billy he, or isn't he?

So, Billy Donovan, Gator head basketball coach, signed a 5 year, $27.5 Million dollar deal on Friday with the Orlando Magic. And now, after mulling it over..he has decided that maybe he wants out. And neither side is talking due to legal remifications.
So, will the Magic let him out of the contract? It was reported that, upon news of his signing, 200 season tickets to the Magic were sold in one day. Think any of them will want a refund?
Will this have an effect on Gator basketball?
And, what about Anthony Grant, Donovan's former assistant and now head coach of Virginia Commonwealth....AD Jeremey Foley flew up there to talk to him about taking over the vacant position at Florida..what happens to that deal? See what happens when we can't make up our mind Billy? It's not only your own life this decision effects....


  • being a tarheel fan I hope he goes to the magic

    By Blogger Marcus, at 7:13 PM  

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