Friday, June 01, 2007

Drug Rehab

We have been lucky enough in my family to not have anyone fall into serious addiction issues. We consider it a blessing. I do know people who have suffered from addiction problems, and the effects it can have on a family are horrible. It's nice to know there are places out there to go for drug rehabilitation, that are safe and secure, and have a very good reputation. Seems like lately all you hear about in the news, both on TV and in print, is all these stars getting involved with DUI, and other assorted addictive behaviors, and then having to go to rehab...or maybe it just seems like more of them are getting into trouble because they are so high profile. This place is run by former addicts, and it seems like they would be the one you would want to turn to in that situation. Someone who has walked in your shoes and knows exactly what you are going through, and how to get better.
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