Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Benefits Day

Today is benefits day at work, you know the get a packet of documents to go through, for which you need a translater! Then the rep comes in with all of your healthcare and dental go in knowing what you want for your choices, then they take you into a little room to sign you up and try to upsell all kinds of addtional choices by spewing all sorts of doom scenarios. You know, things like.."what if you are hurt and cannot will you pay your bills?"...or, "you really should consider purchasing addtional life insurance so that your family is taken care of"....(HA, I'm just ME baby...they don't NEED any additional insurance money!)...or, my personal favorite..."if you purchase the Cancer Supplement, you'll be covered in the unlikely event you get cancer"..! Yeah, thanks, appreciate your support! Can you say "Bait and Switch"? I mean, really people...I only have to cover me, I go to the doctor (eye and girly), dentist, and dermatologist, once a year ...that's all the coverage that I need, and all that I am going to pay for!


  • Never had the joy of dealing with a salesman, but I have plenty of insurance packets half open and filed away, never to be looked at again...

    By Blogger tubeyes, at 1:29 PM  

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