Wednesday, May 30, 2007


And, while I'm talking about it....ALL insurance seems to have gone up around here, not just my health! Is it all over the country? Is the economy as bad as I think it is? Are we headed for a recession? Everyone in the office was complaining about the cost of thier family health plan going up by almost $100, that's a significant chunk out of one's payroll! And, it's not like you can just do without, you have to have where is that money going to come from? Then, you have to consider the cost of car insurance, I thought when I reached a certain age that mine would go down...? Did not happen. I do not speed, no tickets, no accidents...and my insurance is pretty hefty each month, and I supposedly get a discount for using the same company for my condo insurance! Ha! My car insurance went up $5 a month at renewal last month, I thought it would go down....what's up with that? And, you do not even want to get into the soaring cost of homeowner's in this state! It's crazy the way the insurance companies just drop policies for no good reason, and people have to shop around for another carrier that is somewhat affordable! Our condo association was dropped by Allstate last year, for no reason other than they were not insuring condos that? So, we had to have a special assessment meeting, and all owners were assessed a monthly fee to pay for the increase in the new homeowners policy, which was FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT more than what they budgeted! 400...can you imagine? Someone like me, I'm a working girl and just re-worked my budget to come up with the money, sure, it meant less funtime..but what can you do? But, what about all the retired people that live there (and there's a lot)..what can they do? They are on a fixed income...kind of hard to rework those numbers! So, my advice to you is, shop around before buying any insurance...even if it is company provided health benefitls..that's why they give you you can shop them and make the best choice that fits your budget.
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