Monday, June 04, 2007

Star Struck

Did you ever notice how the night sky is different wherever you go? I noticed that a few weeks back when I was over at my Mom's...sitting on the back porch enjoying a moment. I have always enjoyed looking at the stars and the moon, trying to find the big and little dippers, and any other little thing I can identify, I find it very relaxing. I have a skylight in my condo, and at night, from my favorite lazy boy, I can see the moon...sometimes so bright that it lights the room! Pretty cool. The folks over at meade have made it even easier for a rookie astronomer like me to identify the night sky, with their MySky Personal Video Planetarium! The MySKY is an interactive, hand-held, point-shoot-and-identify multimedia guide to the's like having your own personal astronomer standing next to you! What a great gift idea for the kids..and it's so much fun, they won't even know they are actually learning while they use it!
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