Monday, July 09, 2007

Basenji Sighting

I was taking a walk through my Mom's neighborhood, and at the house on the corner there are TWO BASENJI'S! I couldn't believe it! Basenji's are a pretty rare breed, so I hardly ever see them.....and I'm always excited when I find one. There is a boy & a girl, the boy, Ramses, is brown & white same as Snoopy, and the girl, Chloe, is black & white...and they are sooo cute! I take a walk over there every day to say hello to them and get my daily doggie fix.
Then, the morning I was leaving, I was reading the local paper, and there was an ad for some new condos...and the picture had a lady holding a dog..and she was holding a BASENJI! So I cut the ad out and put it on the refrigerator!


  • Very cool. I am also amazed when I see collies, either rough or smooth. There are a few roughs around me, but hardly any smoothies. I don't see many Basenji's either. Fewer of them than collies.

    By Anonymous Cynthia Blue, at 5:49 PM  

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