Friday, August 03, 2007

Home Theatre

It's no secret that my dream is to own an HDTV....I have been drooling over them for a few years now, just not the right time in my life to spend the money. But, soon Grasshopper, very soon. And then, I will need to do an entire redec on my home theater area and get a nice entertainment center to put it on. I can't have my sleek new HDTV sitting on some Early American Goodwill entertainment center now, can I? ...this one I found at Gallery Furniture is pretty modern looking:

Not sure if that will fit in my condo, but that's the style I want, just not as big. Something sleek and modern looking...simple, yet elegant. They have a lot of others to choose from, and are located in Houston. I thought North Carolia was the furniture captiol of the US, but it seems that Houston Furniture is catching up! They have everything from dining room sets, to home office, and even mattresses! That will showcase my large screen HDTV, not too large...37" is fine, I am not greedy! With football season rapidly approaching, I get the urge to go out and look at them....the game sure looks good in HD!


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