Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Superbad is coming to theatres August 17th, and it looks like it will be hilarious! It stars Jonah Hill and Micheal Cera. Jonah was the RA on Campus Ladies, one of my favorite shows, and he stole quite a few episodes with is acting style and dry humor! And, Micheal Cera played Jason Bateman's son on Arrested Development..another great comedy. Two great comedic actors, playing high school guys that don't quite fit in, yeah...looks like a recipe for a hilarious movie! So, I already know the stars are good, I have to see this one in the theatre! This is not your typical high school's going to be a classic! You can check out a few clips here.
Now, here's what I want you to do: There will be 5 exclusive videos of the movie shown on you tube TODAY run over there and watch them before everyone else does!
You can also download ringtones, wallpaper, and buddy icons from the movie..find out if you are Superbad!
Will Superbad become the newest cool thing to say...? Back in my day we said bad a lot, and it meant good. I guess Superbad would mean really really good! We'll have to wait and see if that catches on as quickly as the movie does! Don't forget to run over to You Tube and check out those video clips, they are up TODAY this is your only chance to check it out before the movie hits the theatres!


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