Monday, July 30, 2007

Attention all Dog Lovers!

As a dog mom, and all around animal lover, I wanted to share with all of my fellow dog peeps this new site I found. Just Dog Breeds is a website dedicated to dogs! They have over 155 breeds listed, you can find out the history of your canine companion, and get everything from breed history & temperament, to health issues specific to the breed.
They also have an informational page, for those who may be thinking about getting a has a lot of questions listed that a potential dog parent should ask themselves before taking the plunge. Owning a dog is a big responsibility, and you should really think it through before you make a hasty decision and end up taking the pet to a shelter because you didn't know it was a high strung breed, or were unsure how large it was going to get.
I found my Snoopy on there, and they have a lot of good info on his page. Basenji's are so rare, that I can never find any books on them and it was hard for me to get information about him when he was a pup and I was trying to learn who he was....I am bookmarking this site! Take a look and see if your dog is listed, you may learn something new about them.
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