Friday, July 27, 2007

Pizza & Rasberry Mocha Latte...

I went to dinner tonight with big Sister & family, we went to a local italian joint to get pizza, to find they were on vacation! So, we went to another italian joint, as everyone had themselves all set for find they were under new ownership! We decided to give them a try, they had a sign in the window stating "we have pizza!". I guess pizza is a relative term. We were looking for "family" sized pizza, one pie we could order and everyone eats until they are full. The new menu boasted many italian items, with fancy italian names, and even fancier prices! The only pizza they had were "personal" pizzas....and they had fancy names and were covered with things like goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil. I like these things, and was happy to eat one of those pizzas...the kids? Not so much. They want things like extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage. You know, PIZZA toppings. So, they got plain cheese. Well, they messed up and brought us ALL plain we had to wait for them to put the order back in and make what we actually ordered. We ate the cheese pizzas while we were waiting.....half hour later, still no pie. We all had salads, and Brother in Law ordered soup, and when he asked for crackers, an owner/manager type person told him "we don't have crackers, we have bread".....ummm, OK...BRING US SOME! We had to ASK for the basket of bread?! When the server finally said my pizza was coming out, I told her to just put it in a box as we had been there so long, and already ate the cheese pizza. She did, and when I opened the box, it was STILL wrong..and I had to show the server the menu, and point out what I ordered, and what she brought me! Of course, she did not offer to take it off the check, though I thought she should have. But, I only paid $6 for two 12" I guess that wasn't too bad. They lost some customers though, as we were very disappointed and won't be going back. To make up for a crappy dining experience, I went to the Stabucks in the same plaza afterwards and got myself a Rasberyy Mocha Latte for dessert, with my gift card....and it is yummy! I recommend it! Oh, and I also recommend going to the Starbucks websote and registering your gift card, of you have one. They'll replace it if you lose it, and they sent me an email after registering mine to thank me..and they added $5 to my balance!!


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