Saturday, July 28, 2007

Auto Insurance

I have been doing a lot of things to cut back on the household budget, budnling my cable & internet, grocery comparison shopping....and now I am looking at my automobile insurance policy. I had it bundled with my condo policy...and they dropped me. It happens a lot in Florida, it;s huge problem. So, since I have to shop my condo policy, I may as well shop for better car insurance rates!
For my age, and being a female, I'm thinking I should be getting a much better rate that I am with my current company. I was checking around online for some better rates and found this site that gives online quotes, they have commercial and individual policies, and even liablility coverage for classic cars! You enter all your info, and they search various companies and bring back the best rate to you! No phone calls, easy peasy! They can even find you coverage if you have a poor driving record, which I do not.
This post brough to you by Advantage Auto Quotes.


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