Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pet Food Recall - Menu Foods

In case you have not heard (been living in a cave!), there is a HUGE pet food recall going on right now. STOP feeding your cat or dog any canned or wet dog food immediately! Keep an eye on your pet for the following symptoms and call your vet if you are unsure: increased or decreased urination, loss of appetite, increased thirst, vomiting, sluggishness.
Menu Foods, which manufactures pet food for numerous private labels & national brands, issued the recall after receiving customer complaints of renal problems in their pets. Menu Foods has failed to pinpoint the actual problem, but have narrowed it down to the introduction of an ingredient coming from a new supplier. I encourage you to go to and check the links for recalled cat and dog foods. There are numerous brands listed, and it will give you lot numbers and other specifics when you click on the brand name. The list was at about 40 yesterday, and has increased to 50 today! DRY FOOD IS NOT AFFECTED! If you are not sure, please check with your pet's vet. My friend Sue, who has a cute little doxie named Heidi that eats only Science Diet, called her vet as she has to buy special food for Heidi, the vet told her to discontinue feeding Heidi the wet food until they could confirm that it was safe.


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