Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Survivor Fiji - Reminder & Spoiler!

Reminder to all of your Survivor buffs (no pun intended)....due to the NCAA basketball games, Survivor is on TONIGHT at 8pm! I have inside information, SPOILER, that there is some sort of a tribe switch tonight (NOT a merge), the hiddon idol is found, and the losers keep on losing! I still do not have a favorite player this season, no one seems to have endeared themselves to me, maybe Dreamz the homeless dude, but only because of the situation at home that he is so graciously rising above. Anyway - don't call me between 8-9pm tonight, I won't answer ! And Snoopy knows he has to go outside and do his business BEFORE 8pm...and we're not going out again until Mommy's show is over!


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