Thursday, April 05, 2007

Homemade Dog Food - Should you or Shouldn't you?

Ever since the Pet Food recall, there have been more people feeding thier pets homemade meals, and an increase in sales of Pet Food Cookbooks. I know of a few friends who were doing it as they were afraid to feed their pet anything from the pet store due to the amount of brands being recalled each day. My friends in Oveido feed their dog, Buster, a mixture of white rice and hamburger...always, due to health problems. Personally, I have given Snoopy home cooked meals in the past, when he's had intestinal difficulties I have given him plain white rice to bulk things back up. I have also given him boiled white meat chicken and rice. But, I checked with our Vet before doing so, and I always make sure it is plain, no spices, no gravy, no skin....just meat and white rice. Many common foods are not safe for pets, including grapes, salt, onion, garlic and chocolate. Always check with your vet before giving your pet "people" food, and NEVER feed your pet table scraps that you wouldn't eat.....they are not furry garbage disposals, they are animals....and giving them the bones, fat, and junk off your plate that you won't eat is NOT a treat , and can harm them.


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