Monday, April 30, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Pretty soon I will be booking my flight to Philly for the 3 Day walk, and will need to secure a hotel room for the night before the walk, and possibly the night it is over, depending on my flight details, I am waiting on a good deal on airfare before I book the ticket, and then will search for the best deal on a hotel when the release the site of opening ceremonies. They don't release that info until about 6 weeks before the walk, and it's important to stay in the same town as the opening ceremony, and that there is a hotel shuttle to get us to the ceremony at 6AM. Last year we flew in the night before, since opening ceremonies are at the crack of dawn, and flew home the morning after it was reduce the amount of running around after walking 60 miles! In hindsight, securing our hotel reservations was smart, as it rained the first 2 days and camp ended up being a total mudfest! Any walkers that did not live in Philly, or have a local hotel room to go to, were stuck being bussed to a local high school gym to sleep on the floor! How bad would that suck after walking for twenty miles? Hotel Reservations.comspecializes in discounted rooms for hotels , bed & breakfast, and condo rentals as well. I just booked our annual "Girl's Weekend" with four of my closest girlfriends for next month, and we are staying in a condo on the beach down south of here. Since one of my friends owns the condo as an investment, we are getting the best deal on it...but, had we not had the connection,or it had been already booked,we could have found a great deal through this site. We prefer to stay in a 2-3 bedroom condo for this trip due to there being 5 of us, we can save on food by stocking up at the local grocery, bring our own liqour and save on the bar tab, walk to the beach, and we don't have to double up on beds.
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