Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So, for about the last year I have been hearing a lot of buzz about all these companies that pay you to blog for money. I've read about blog advertsing in magazines and on the internet, my Sister was even interviewed for a newspaper article about it. These blog advertising companies list advertisers and you read about products or websites and write a review or give your opinion, and upon approval, they pay you -blog advertising, get it? My Sister has been making some mad cash doing the blogging for dollars gig on the side, and I read about a new one called Smorty on her I thought, why not give it a try?I have a blog, and I can always use some extra money! So, why shouldn't someone pay me to blog , too? There site is clean, it took me all of two minutes to sign up, and my blog was approved the same day! You can get paid to blog too, run over to Smorty, and check it out - it's free to sign up, all you need is your own blog!


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