Monday, May 21, 2007

Credit Cards

How many credit cards to you have? Do you carry a balance or pay them off each month? Do you know how much interest you are paying, and how much it is costing you over time to carry those balances? These are questions you should ask yourself about your own credit card debt. And, if you don't have any credit cards, DON'T get any! I read too many articles in the paper, or on the news, about the rate of credit card debt in this nation. People get credit cards and do not use them for emergency only purposes..they are using them to live! To buy groceries, gas, clothes. If you are not paying them off each month, this can create a mountain of debt depending on what kind of interest rate you are spinning your wheels trying to get ahead paying only the minimums each month. Unless you have 0% credit cards and are using them wisely, you can get into some serious financial troubles. This site has some great information on zero interest cards, and articles related to credit card debt.I encourage your to check your balances, look at what you owe, and the interest you are paying...see if you can transfer the balances to a lower interest card, or call the credit card issuer and see if they will lower your rate.
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