Friday, May 04, 2007

Mother's Day

Next weekend is Mother's Day. Yeah, that kind of creeped up on me real sneaky like. And I have TWO Mom's to buy for, my birth Mother and my Stepmother who raised me. My Mom lives over on the other coast, so she usually gets the card, and if my Sister is sending flowers I'll chip in on that with her so I don't look bad! Ha! My Stepmother lives over here not far from me, and I see her a I usually get her a gift on Mother's Day, not just the standard card. One of the biggest postal weekends of the year, everybody sends Mom a nice card for Mother's Day. Lot's of flowers, too. Pretty standard gifts right? Card, flowers, and phone call. EVERYBODY calls their Mom on Mother's Day, sometimes the lines are so crammed you can't even get through! So, how about, instead of calling Mom on the landline, you get her a free cell phone, and you can always get through! Wirefly has an awesome deal right now if you sign up for Cingular service you get get a free Motorola Razr, in PINK - for Mom, cause ya know, she's a girl and all. (And so she can show her support for Breast Cancer!) You also get a bluetooth headset in this deal, and FREE Fed Ex 2 Day shipping! So, you sign up for the deal, have it shipped to her - and then you call her on Mother's Day on her new Pink Razr cell phone!
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