Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tampa = Atlantis

I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for many years, dating myself here - but 32 years to be exact! I have heard a lot of stories about the history of Tampa and surrounding communites, it's pirate origins, we celebrate Gasparilla every year which is when the pirate, Jose Gaspar, sailed into Tampa Bay and took over the city with the pillaging and the looting and the wenches! But, today I stumbled across a website that goes into a lot of detail on how The Americas were once Atlantis, which talks about how the Americas, from the southern end of South America to the northern end of Alaska, were once the sprawling kingdom of Atlantis, and Tampa, FL was the location of the royal city, and there was an island in Tampa Bay which was called Atlantis! The site goes into a lot of detail in regards to the origins of Atlantis and The Ten Kingdoms, and the history of the Greek Gods behind it. Did you know that Poseidon pulled up 2 springs of water, both hot and cold, from beneath the earth and made varieties of food spring up on the center island? And that he named it after his first and eldest male twin, Atlas, whom he also made king ?I have lived here all these years, been in Tampa Bay on boats, and seen some islands - didn't realize I was actually living and working in a Royal City!

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