Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We Need Rain. Seriously.

Whoever coined the phrase "April Showers bring May flowers" did NOT live in Florida in Springtime! Spring is drought season here. We haven't had significant rain in weeks, maybe months. I can't remember the last time it rained. Ponds are receding, alligators are on the move due to the receding ponds...which is going to do nothing but get them in trouble. When the gators get restless, due to lack of food or water, it's only instinct. But, it causes the locals to get restless and call the police out when they find a gator in their pool. And that just turns the poor gator, who was only doing what he knew, into a handbag or a belt. We need good rain. Nice, steady rain...for hours. The kind of rain that seeps into the ground and gives everything a good drink, and replenishes our water supply. NOT hurricane rain, which does nothing but dump buckets and buckets of water on us in a small amount of time and cause major flooding and damage. I'm going to do my rain dance now.


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