Monday, April 30, 2007

NFL Draft

Yes I am a woman, Yes I know the game. I love football, especially college ball. I watched some of the NFL draft this weekend...I always enjoy the first round, seeing the players I watched during their college years move on to the pros. Obviously, I take special interest in any Gators..and who the Bucs pick. Only 2 Gators went in the 1st round, both defensive guys. Jarvis Moss, defensive end, went #17 overall to Denver and Reggie Nelson, safety, went #21 to Jacksonville. Chris Leak went undrafted, this didn't surprise me. Great college QB, and a heck of a guy..but I didn't think he was going to get drafted. He did get picked up by Chicago,who already have a starting Gator QB, by the way, we'll see how Leak does in camp. The Bucs picked up on some good defensive players in the first few rounds, nice to see them bulking up the defense rather than wasting time with eleventy-seven quarterbacks & receivers, as Gruden likes to do!


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