Tuesday, July 03, 2007


OK, this is, in the words on my friend Mary, "REE-DIK-U-LIE" - some fool went dumpster diving at the Hilton residence...and someone else was even dumber and spent money on Paris Hiltons Garbage? Sheesh.

Paris Hilton's garbage sells big on eBay

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An empty can of gourmet dog food taken from Paris Hilton's trash fetched $305 in an eBay auction. The sellers were from the Web site, which also listed several other Hilton items for sale on eBay.

A used toothbrush sold for $305; two envelopes sent to her while she was in jail sold for $510; and a Coke can pulled from her trash went for $51.

The organic gourmet dog food was produced by Party Animal Inc., and can be found in about 150 stores in Southern California and about 40 in New York. It can also be bought through the company's Web site