Saturday, June 30, 2007


I have some nice bedroom furniture , the entire set matches, I went to the store and picked it all out and was so proud to finally own a complete set that didn't come from a family member or a yard sale! I have been daydreaming for some time about upgrading my living room and dining room furniture. I used to have a sectional, but when Snoopy was a puppy, he ate one of the cushions! Now, I just have a loveseat and a mismatched Lazyboy recliner, as there isn't a lot of room in my living area. I love my recliner chair, it's old but real comfy, I know that it will be upgraded someday soon. And my dining room set? Yeah, a yard sale find...I certainly have got my moneys worth out of that smart purchase! My Home Office Desk is just a cheapy "build it yourself" model from some office supply store years ago. It has served a purpose over the years, but if I was to work at home I would like some nice matching home office furniture. This site has some really beautiful home furniture , from home office to fine dining, and everything in between..and they offer FREE delivery to your home!
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