Thursday, June 28, 2007

Find a Friend

As a single gal, with single friends, we're always wondering where are all the quality guys? Bar scene, did that. Church, yep..go there. Work, nope, against my personal policy. I've tried different internet dating sites, and I always wonder, why should you have to PAY to meet people? Well, you don't have to! Check out FriendFinder and find yourself a new friend!It's FREE, so it meets an important criteria for me! It's clean and neat, not all bogged down with busy ads and stuff. Searching was easy, just type in the criteria for the kind of people you want to meet, and it brings up the list, with photos, thank you very much. There's also a chat room and a blog, so you can go in there for some chit chat before you make a decision that you want to actually meet someone. I do highly recommend, that if you decide to meet someone in person, you choose a busy location, and MEET them there....don't have strangers pick you up. Make it a daytime meet up, maybe lunch? You have to be safe no matter where you go to meet people. So,to recap, check out the site, see if anyone looks interesting, spark up a chat in the chatroom, and then meet them for lunch! Easy peasy, right? Did I mention that it's FREE?


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