Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oncologist Recap

My Mom had an appointment with the Oncologist today, my Sister and her husband were there for it, as they are both nurses. She has stage 3 pancreatic cancer, the tumor is the rapidly growing kind, and when they were in doing her previous surgery, they did pull lymph nodes which also tested positive for cancer cells. She can do chemotherapy, it may add 6 months to the previous 3-6 months they gave her.
The chemo treatment they can put her on, if that's what she decides, requires installing a port in her chest - and her carrying the medicine around in a bag over her shoulder for an entire week, then having it removed for the weekend, and back on again Monday...for a 6 week run. Then they stop and see if it is producing any positive results.
Next step is a bone scan and cat scan to see if the cancer has spread to anywhere else.
We were hoping for better news.
I'll be needing some ice cream now, please.


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