Monday, June 25, 2007

Kauffman Tire = Idiots

I dropped my car off this morning for an oil change & tire rotation. I take it to the Kauffman Tire right up the road from my office, convenient and the price is right, been going there for years.
Simple, right? Yeah, not in my world lately!
When I went back to pick it up, I got in the car and was a tad irritated that they had gone into the glovebox to get the lug socket for my tires, and in doing so left some stuff out of the glovebox on my passenger seat. So, I went to open the box and put the stuff back in. Nothing. It would not open. I thought, oh, they locked I tried it again with the key. Nothing. Turned it this way and that. Nothing. Now, I am officially agitated. I go back inside, and speak to the dude running the desk at the garage side. He comes out with me, fiddles with it for about 5 mins with me standing there watching, and telling him firmly NOT to break it, as he was yanking at it pretty hard. He tells me it's stuck.
Yeah, I couldn't figure that out ya jackmunch.
So I get the standard "I'm sorry, you are going to have to take it to the dealer and get it fixed, bring me the bill and we will re-imburse you". To which, I begin my rant. "Whomever worked on my car KNEW that the box would not open, as they left everything on the passenger seat, why would you return my car to me and NOT tell me something was wrong? Did you think I wouldn't notice? Now, I have to take time out of MY day to take the car to the dealer and try and get this fixed!"
"Sorry about that ma'am, I don't know who worked on your car". Now, if it were MY employee, I would immediately have gone back into the garage and find out who worked on the car, and begin an inquisition on how this happened, and why it was not reported.
I am so NOT pleased with their half assed apology and offer to reimburse me. Did you think you would get away with NOT re-imbursing me? I didn't break it, you did!
So, I have taken my poison pen, and written a scathing letter to their corporate office to complain, advising them not only of the issue, but that they have lost a good customer. I will NEVER get any work done on any car I own at ANY Kauffman Tire, and I will tell everyone I know about my bad experience. They could have avoided all of this with some good old fashioned customer service, possibly offering a free future oil change, maybe SOUNDING like you are apologetic...courtesy is contagious..but, the damage has been done and no amount of butt kissing will make me go back there.
I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the dealer to get it fixed.
Stay tuned.


  • All automotive repair and maintenace places even including Sears has a bunch of morons working for them. I always dread taking the car into those tyoes of places. Unfortunately, the dealerships have the right people but want your wallet, credit card and bank account as well.

    By Blogger Mic Man, at 2:49 PM  

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