Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm leaving today to go back over to my Mom's until Sunday....posting will be sporadic again. Here are a few we have something for just about everyone, these should keep you busy until I get back!

Free sample of Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant here

Free sample of Dove Cool Moisture shampoo here

Free sample of Post It Portable Cards here

Free Ensure balanced nutrition shake coupon here

Free Monkey Brains Organic Oatmeal Sample & Sticker pack here

Free sample of Arm & Hammer Toothpaste here , click the left arrow at the bottom of your screen to move the household items, keep going until you see the toothbrush, then click on the toothbrush and the sample screen will pop up! Bonus: If you click on the laundry basket, there is a pop up box for Arm& Hammer detergent coupons under the "special offer" bubble!



  • Thanks for the freebies!! I am most excited about the Monkey Brains stuff!!

    By Anonymous Amy, at 8:59 AM  

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