Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Bands

I know some musically inclined young people in my life who will be liking this! A new place on the web to check out the unsigned chart with free music downloads! Some of the greatest bands came from the you know there is going to be some good music on this. You can load up your iPod with all kinds of cool music and it won't cost a dime! You can say you knew them before they were big!

Here's the press release:

tourdates.Co.UK, Britains fastest growing new music website, has launched a chart for unsigned bands.

The site allows new bands to upload promotional tracks, announce gig dates and create profiles to promote themselves alongside major artists such as the Artic Monkeys and The Twang.

Tourdates Jarrod Robinson says, there are some fantastic unsigned bands in the UK and we wanted them to know how much our community likes their music, an unsigned chart seemed the perfect answer.

Chart results are announced on the site at 19:00 every sunday, the sametime as the No1 single of the week is announced on BBC's radio 1.

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  • Someone needs to start up a site like this for the US.

    By Blogger Mic Man, at 8:36 PM  

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