Monday, June 18, 2007

Changing of the Guard

So, with my Mother's health issues that have sprung up in the past month, my siblings and I are trying to work everything out in "shifts". Our Mom lives in Cocoa, FL..about a 2 1/2 hour drive from here...over on the east coast. ( I actually shaved it to 2 hours last time I went..ooops!)My older Sister is a nurse, and also been on medical leave herself for Carpel Tunnel surgery on her hand, so unfortunately she has been there the brunt of the is SO helpful to have a medical person there for surgery and doctor appointments! She has been going over for a week, coming home for 2 days, and then going right back over! My Brother is taking every 3rd week off under FMLA, using his PTO time ..he also works in a hospital (in the cafeteria), so taking this time off has not been an issue for him either. I work in a small office, and my desk is covered remotely when I am out by my peer in Orlando (Hi Amy!), and I am utilizing sick and vacation days..not as easy for me to take large chunks of time I have been taking long weekends. My shift in Cocoa starts again on Thursday, so I can relieve my Sister, and she will actually get 5 whole days with her family! She is very excited! We are hopeful that Mom will be released early next week, and then we will not have to spend ALL of our time there keeping an eye on her husband and ensuring he does not wander off, making sure he eats, etc. To define all of this as exhuasting is an understatement.


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