Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Camp

Most of you know that I am a "Big"....I volunteer as a Big Sister through the Big Brother/Big Sister program. My "Little" (that's the term we use)is in 5th grade next fall, and she attends camp during the summer at the local YMCA. It's your typical day camp with various activities to keep the kids occupied, movies, games, and field trips. I think that she would benefit more from one of these Summer Camps though. She needs a structured environment where she is learning, as well as playing. There is nothing wrong with kids keeping their minds alert during the summer, instead of just vegging on the couch. It makes the transition back into the school year much easier. When I was little, my StepMother used to make up MATH HOMEWORK for me to do in the summer. HATED IT. But, it was for my own good....!
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