Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Frugal Bathroom Cleaner Update

I used the previously mentioned vinegar & water solution to tackle the hard water stains on my shower doors, as I did not have the doors replaced when I had the shower re-done. Let me tell you, it took a bit of elbow grease (we have seriously hard water down here, and it had been a while since I scrubbed them) with a scrubby sponge (the kind that's a sponge on one side, and scratchy on the other side)...but it worked like a charm! And, I did not pass out from fumes! I now have, in a spray bottle in my shower, a vinegar & water solution and I spray the shower down with it after each use to help keep it clean. A homemade version of the fancy expensive "fresh shower" sprays! Next on my list is to tackle the stainless steel fixtures with the steel wool trick...I'll save that for another post!


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