Sunday, June 24, 2007

PPP Payment Issues

Got a new email address a few weeks ago when I upgraded to Roadrunner. Went to every single website that I belong to (banking, credit cards, PayPal, Ebay, PayPerPost, etc) and changed my email to reflect the new one. Everything was going along fine...and then, all of a sudden..3 days went by where PayPerPost says they paid me, but the money was not showing in my PayPal account? And, last week I stopped getting any kind of emails from PayPerPost. I checked my dashboard, and it showed the correct e mail address, the NEW I was confused. Since my MSN was still letting me in, I checked mail there...all junk..with the exception of...guess? PAYPERPOST! All of a sudden, they seem to have switched back to emailing me to my OLD addy..?! Emails telling me that I needed to log into PayPal and claim my money or they would take it back?!! HA! I think not. DO NOT MESS WITH MY MONEY. I log into PayPal, and the last payment reflected for PPP was on June 18th. There are 4 missing after that, and more to come if they do not fix this little issue. I submitted a ticket, yeah, I am 114th in line! Good luck getting a resolution on a Sunday to that! Don't worry, I am keeping tabs on what I was paid for an what I wasn't paid for. Stay tuned.


  • You could have kept both email accounts on PayPal until the payments were all collected. I believe PPP will continue to pay for the opps taken on the old email, until all are complete.

    I wish I could have solved my problems with PPP like this. I still have never heard anything from them. :-(

    By Blogger D, at 3:10 PM  

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