Monday, June 25, 2007

Breasts. And Cancer. Now at your local Hooters.

I found this article in my local paper, talks about the Hooters chain and how they have put a face on breast cancer. Some of you may know Hooters, the chicken wing joint also famous for scantily clad ladies in orange shorts and tight shirts. The chain originated here, in Clearwater. One of their own, Kelly Jo Dowd, lost her battle with breast cancer a few months back. She was a Hooters girl who worked her way up to manager of the Palm Harbor location over the years. She found a lump, and left it there for 10 months. Early detection is key, get it looked at. But, she wasmore than a Hooter's girl. She was a Wife, and a Mother..of a promising young teen golfer, who had a wish for her Mom to see her play in an LPGA Tournament before she died. It happened last year, thanks to some generous folks. And, it brought their story to national attention.
Hooters is now raising money for breast cancer in her name, so next time you go, the waitress may do more than just take your order, she may ask you for a donation. Before you say no, think of your Mother, your Daughter, your Sister, or your Aunt. Breast cancer does not discriminate, it can happen to any one of us.
You can donate towards my personal mission against breast cancer here. In 3 short months I'll be walking 60 miles for a cure. I still need to reach my minimum fundraising goal, your donation can help find a cure.


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