Friday, July 13, 2007

Island Dreaming

Ever since all this Cancer stuff started with my Mom 2 months ago, and I seem to have lost myself between my world and her world.... I have been dreaming of getting away. Taking a trip. Away from the stress, and the cancer. Away from MY PHONE! Just hanging out someplace new, maybe lay on a beach with some nice drinkies! I cancelled 2 trips since this all started because of my need to be here, one long weekend and an actual week long vacation. I really need some time away. I have been to many of the islands in the Caribbean, I'm thinking Bermuda would be nice. Never been there, always nice to explore a new area. I have friends who ran off and got married there! From the pics it looked awesome! They have lots of things to do , sailing, snorkeling, fishing, golf....I'll take any of that! Nice pink sandy beaches. A Bermuda High is just what I need right now. And, NO, that is not what you think, refers to their gorgeous sub tropical weather! No rainy season like we have down here, don't have to worry about a Hurricane spoiling my trip. Yeah, hook me up with a nice piece of that real estate...I'm coming. Soon. And I'm not bringing anything but my Bathing suit and a towel!
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