Thursday, July 12, 2007

Free Chik Fil A!

Tomorrow is "Cow Appreciation Day" at your local Chik Fil A. What does this mean you, dear reader? Well, go to any Chik Fil A restaurant fully dressed as a cow, and get a FREE combo meal! Chik Fil A defines "fully dressed as a cow" as "making an effort to be dressed as a cow from head to toe! If you come in "partial cow attire", you can get a free sandwich. "Partial cow attire" means any cow accessory, such as a vest or purse. I wonder what you would get if you brought in a live cow? LOL ! Now, I love Chik Fil A, it's one of the few fast food restaurants I will eat at..but I will NOT be dressing as a cow to get any free meals. Of course, if I had a cow print bandanna or hat...I would get myself a free sandwich. But, I do I will not be eating any free Chick Fil A tomorrow.


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