Monday, July 09, 2007

Latina Dating

I work in Tampa, which has a very high latino population, a nice mix of cuban & puerto rican. I used to work with a girl who's Mom's came here from Cuba 20 years ago, and she still did not speak any english! I was curious as to how she got along all those years in a world where she does not speak the language..apparently, you don't have to! There are little latin neighborhoods around here with grocery stores ,restaurants, car dealers.... where the employees are either bilingual or do not speak any english! Everyone has a sign on the door "hable espanol"! Now, they can go out and find some latin singles without leaving home! This site is free to sign up and find your new latina hookup! I am going to tell my amigas that will only go latina dating where they can go on the web to search for a new friend!


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