Saturday, August 18, 2007

Comfort Food

There is nothing like a good meal to set your mind right! Today, I went up to Stepmother's house with a friend and one of my nieces, to help her do a few things at the house, and have dinner. We like going to her house to help, because the payment always comes in the form of a good meal, complete with doggie bags!

The work:
Hang wallpaper border in guest bathroom
Hang a shelf in her den (All I did was watch on this one!)

The Payment:
Swedish Meatballs
Green Bean Casserole (with canned green beans just like I like it!)
Shoe Peg Corn
Greek Bread
GREEN Pie (Pistachio Pudding Pie, my family calls it GREEN Pie)

I think she over paid us!

When we were clearing the table I mentioned that I thought it was my birthday because she made all of my favorites! Soooo good!


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