Friday, August 10, 2007

Drivers Ed 101 - How NOT to cut me off.

Why do people think that because they put on their turn signal it's Okay to cut me off? Putting on your turn signal does not give you a legal right to cut me off you Jack*&^%$ !! That 3 feet of space between my car and the car in front of me is not large enough for your redneck truck to squeeze into! And do not think for a minute that just because you are in a vehicle larger than mine, that I will allow you to chicken me into anything...I'm a stubborn woman and I am not budging! Oh, yeah...what's that? Giving me the finger? That's fine...I'll just keep smiling at you and calling you a Jack%$# in the safety of my have no idea what I am calling you, all you see is me smiling and waving hello, which is apparently making you angrier - have a bad night? Oh, yes, do open the door of your vehicle and hang out of it and wave your arms around and call me whatever names you are calling me, I cannot hear you as my windows are up...but, I want ALL of the drivers sitting in traffic with us to see what a fool you are! Lose our temper, did we? What's the matter? Did the car next to you who was FOLLOWING the rules of traffic not allow you to cut her off? Yeah, life sucks ya jack&%$ get over yourself. Times like this I need a train horn....blow that guy's eardrums out, and go on about my day. True Story.
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