Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mike Alstott to Retire?

The St Petersburg Times is reporting that Mike Alstott is going to announce his retirement. He has been absent from training camp the past 3 days. I thought he would announce it at the end of last season....but it never came. I hate to see him go, he's one of the good guys, has been an asset to the Buc's. But, when it's time, it's time..these guys take a beating and they know when their bodies are done. He's had some surgeries and isn't the heavy hitter he once was. He has ownership in some local restaurants, and a couple of young let him enjoy his family. I have followed him since his college days at Purdue, and knew a guy who's son played ball with him there, so I have an autographed photo of him on the wall in my den, from his rookie year so he's in the creamsicle orange Bucco Bruce uniform! Classic.


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