Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Halloween is my favorite holiday, always has been. There's something about autumn, pumpkins, costumes, and CANDY that just makes me happy. Now, combine all of that with a good scary movie and you've got the perfect scenario for All Hallows Eve! Yep, no more trick or treating, so what do adults do on Halloween? Get a bunch of friends over, after the kids get back and are in bed, for a good scary movie marathon! I'm not so much into the blood & gore scary movies, I like the classics...Silence of the Lambs is still a movie I can watch over and over again..Hannibal Lechter just creeps me out! When I was younger, My Bloody Valentine was one of my favorite's though....I remember watching it back in my high school years, while I was HOME ALONE one night and about scared the crap out of myself! Creepy guy running around in a mine killing the local teens.....yeah, shouldn't have watched that one alone!
So now, Rob Zombie (perfect Halloween name!) has written and directed the new release of Halloween the movie! This is the guy behind such works as House of 1000 corpses and The Devil's Rejects...yeesh, talk about scare the beejezuz out of me! He's perfect for this re-make! And he's not so much re-made the original as he has made a combination "Pre-quel and remake"....should be great for the original Halloween fans, and gather a whole new audience! Check out this clip:

Yep, definitely for grown folks! Freaky, scary stuff. How about that music at the end...the kind of creepy tune that stays with you...while you're taking the dog the middle of the night.....BOO!
I never saw any of the originals, I think I may be up for this version of Halloween the movie, as long as I go in a group. A large group. And we go during the day!


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