Sunday, August 05, 2007


I am a simple girl, with simple plate is not one of the word's that has been used to describe me! Don't get me wrong, I like to keep up with the latest styles, but I also like to be comfortable...which means you won't find me in 4 inch heels on a daily basis - I don't know how those women do it, I'm telling you their feet are killing them! I have to dress business casual at work, and have a more conservative approach than most, and on weekends you will find me in shorts and flip flops! No one ever taught me about fashion, or accessorizing when I was a teen.....I learned from seeing what was on TV, and what other's were wearing. But sometimes, you don't know how to make a certain look work on you, know what I mean? Always looks great on the mannaquin, but when you get it home, it's just not working! Hate that. How does she get that scarf look perfect in her hair? Or know exactly what accessories are perfect with those slacks? Well, now even a fashion-challenged person such as myself can get help! We can get Fashion Advice from Belisi Fashions Jupiter, FL at their blog! Divas Dreams has everyday fashion advise for fashion civilians! That's me!
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