Friday, August 10, 2007

Fire Ants

Living in Florida, you learn about our friend the fireant at a young age. Step near a pile and you've got bites all over your feet real quick! And, those little suckers burn, so I can only imagine how bad it feels to a young child! I think my condo complex was built on a giant colony as there are fire ant mounds everywhere...and those things can get huge, like big ant mountains! I have to be careful when walking Snoopy, being a flip flop girl on weekends...I can get caught too close to the mound and get don't feel them crawling on your toes, all of a sudden you jump because one bit you! People down here spend lots of money on chemicals and such to control them..not too good for the environment. My father used to pour straight gasoline on the mounds - it worked, but again, not too good for the environment.
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