Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nick Bollea (Hogan) - Speed Demon

I have been reading and watching the news about Nick Hogan's accident. The Hogan's are local celebrities, Hulk grew up here and graduated from a local high school. They have a mansion on the gulf in Bellair, a house on Clearwater Beach, and a Mansion in Miami. I also occasionally watch Hogan Knows Best, and have been a wrestling fan of his since I was younger.
For those who have been living under a rock, Nick Hogan, 17 yr old son of WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan, was racing his car in downtown Clearwater and slammed it rear first into a palm tree, totalling the car. He was treated & released for minor injuries, his passenger, a 22 yr old Marine who served in Iraq, is in a medically induced coma.
According to eyewitnesses, he was seen racing & hotdogging with a Silver Dodge Viper right before said accident.
Before the accident, Nck, a friend, and his Father, Hulk Hogan, were seen in a boat in the water at Shepards, a popular local beach bar on Clearwater Beach. Being on a boat outside of Shepards is not illegal for a 17 yr old, as they are on the water and not IN the bar.....but Nick and a friend apparently tried to go to the tiki bar and were turned away at the door when carded. Where was his Father when this was going on?
There have been conflicting reports daily, and this all seems, to the outsider, like it is being run by the Keystone Kops. One report, earlier this week, stated that the driver of the Viper stopped after the accident and was interviewed by police. Now a report has come out that states "driver of the Viper was not Hulk Hogan, but unsure who the car is registered to and who the driver was"....? (Hulk owns a Viper) Seems to me it would be fairly easy for law enforcement type personnel to find out whose car it is. And, if the driver was at the scene & interviewed, how do you not know who it was now?
A very popular attorney has been retained by the Hogans, J Kevin Hayslett. He specializes in DUI cases. Interesting.
Nick is only 17, so has only had a valid license for a year...but he already has 3 speeding tickets. THREE. One of them for doing over 100 mph in a 70! You would think, as parents, that there would have been some sort of restrictions placed on his driving seeing as how he has THREE speeding tickets that we are aware of!
From watching their show, I can see that Nick is a typical young boy, with a need for speed....he's even a rookie race car driver. Apparently his racing part time at the track is not enough to fill that need, as he does it on our local streets as well.
All of this has tainted my view of the Hogan's, and their parenting skills. If you watch his show, it seems like he doesn't allow his daughter to do anything (and she's the older one) , and pretty much allows his Son to do whatever he wants...which has become painfully obvious this week.
I do hope that the injured passenger pulls out of this okay. And I also hope that justice is served and there is not a lot of cover up. Because, it will all eventually come out...and they will look like they used their money and status to get Nick out of it.


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