Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheat to Lose?

So, when I was with my girlies this past weekend, we talked about everything under the sun, as most women do when we get together! And, our motto for the weekend was "girl's weekend has no calories!". We talked a LOT about diet and exercise, how to keep the weight off, much as we don't like to admit it, we're getting older. I know a few who have tried various dieting programs and clubs, you know the kind - you have to go to meetings, buy their food, count points. Some people are successful with that, others have a hard time keeping it off, or beating that last 5 lb threshold. Now, there is a new plan - Cheat to Lose Diet! This diet works with your body's hormones, metabolism, and cravings to help you lose weight naturally and easily.....and it encourages CHEATING with your favorite foods! By following the plan, you'll be required to incorporate your favorite foods into your weekly diet, and you learn how to cheat strategically to get your body in the fat-burning zone! I better share this with some of my girlies!
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