Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seperation Anxiety

Snoopy is "crate trained"...he has a huge cage in the corner of my living room, big enough for him to stand up, turn around, even walk a few steps. He has 2 water cups and a food cup, a nice fluffy pillow...all very comfy. So WHY, at least once a week, so I have to come home and it looks like he had a party in there? Water dumped, kibbles everywhere, pillow in shreds with stuffing everywhere! Apparently, either the phone rings, or he hears something outside the door....and he gets aggitated about being confined and his small doggy mind decides that tearing up the joint may help his situation. It does not, when he is done, he is still in the cage, and now he has to sit in his mess until Mommy gets home to clean it up! I have tried, in the past, to leave him loose in the house...when I got home from work he had eaten my couch...he was back in the cage the next day! By the way, lucky I am a thrifty shopper, I usually stock up on pillows at thrift stores or yard sales....I always need a spare with that boy around!


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