Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Perfect Gift Idea

One of my oldest and dearest friends is relocating soon due to a promotion. Though I know we will always be friends, (and I now have a new vacation destination!) .....I have been devastated ever since she broke the news. It's hard to imagine that she is not going to be right up the road anymore. I have been trying to think of the perfect gift to send her off with, so she will always know how much I treasure our friendship. Something for her house maybe, that will make her smile when she looks at it. I have so many albums filled with pictures capturing the fun we've had over the past 18 years. What better gift to remember the good times we've shared, than a picture of us together on one of our many outings in a digital photo frame? I found this site that has digital picture frames, and I can even use a memory card to make a slideshow full of digital pictures that is constantly changing!


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