Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Seems like everyone is buying or selling online these days, from eBay to craigslist there are numerous ways to shop on the web. I shop online a lot, especially around the holidays; it’s convenient (can do it in your jammies!), with rising gas prices you can save money on gas by shopping from home, and there are numerous coupons to be had on the internet. I have sold things online as well, but just stuff around the house found while “spring cleaning”, or clothes I no longer wear, leftover garage sale items – why donate if I can make a few dollars off of it? I’ve always wondered about those people who have stores on eBay and other websites like that; do they have a stockroom in their garage or linen closet? And where do they get all the stuff that they sell? Do they use a pack and ship for their shipping needs? What kind of ecommerce software do they use for their shopping cart ? Ashop Commerce provides web based shopping cart software for online businesses, they are easily integrated with banks and gateways, they provide checkout security, are search engine optimized, and provide technical support and customer service, all in one package. If I were in the market to boost my side selling to an actual online store, this would be a great tool to get me started.


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