Monday, May 07, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars - Winners

Was it me, or did they fly through this final episode? I liked it better when they start the finale with 4 teams, and it's a 2 hour nail biter to the finish. Seemed like there was not a lot of drama , and you knew all along who was going to win. It was Eric & Danielle...I wanted the blonde beauty queens to win, but whatever, anyone BUT Charla & Myrna was fine with me. Oh, and the kayak challenge..I can personally vouch for how difficult that is, ESPECIALLY against the wind and over those waves! My nephew and I did a kayak excursion on a Bahamas cruise a few years back, in the Atlanic ocean, from one island to another...and it was against the wind coming back - and it was a serious workout on the upperbody, I was exhausted! But, so worth it, how many opportunities to you get to kayak in the Bahamas?


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