Sunday, May 06, 2007

iPod Giveaway

Do you have an iPod? I heart my iPod. I will never again have to buy an entire CD just because there is one or two great songs on it! I can download all of my favorite songs from borrowed CD's (which is why I also heart my library!), and the internet. You can get an iPod, too....Addison Avenue is having a 30 gig ipod give away! No Joke!They are giving away 30 iPods in 30 days! They also have free checking, free web bill pay, and free direct deposit! Run over there and check it out, and sign up to win one of 30 iPods! What are you waiting for, I did, and if I win, it will be going into the gift closet for a lucky friend or relative!
This is a sponsored post.


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